October 18, 2019
  • Break some sweat before sex:- Engaging in any physical activity or exercise increases the oxygen supply and energizes the body for a power pack performance. Breaking sweat before sex makes your performance better and your las vegas pornstar more satisfied.
  • Give her compliments:- everybody loves compliment, and when you compliment woman during sex for how good they make you feel, how well they perform, how nice they are in person, these small compliments make them more comfortable and motivated thus they give their best in sex making your pleasure a priority.
  • Try their favorite sex positions:-  make them comfortable by choosing to have sex in their favorite sex position as when they feel orgasmic pleasure then they give you more and it creates a win-win situation.
  • Spend some time chatting:- pornstar las vegas are also human beings, after your initial work whether its a dinner, dance or a sleepover, have some friendly chat share about your experience with them. Women love those men who love to talk and especially listen to women after activities like sex.
  • Try to know them as human:- Sure , hiring an hire a pornstar is a time limit experience but that does not mean you need to rush after you get your requirements fulfilled, wait some time and thank them for their services, make sure she is fine and have some chat with them till your meeting time gets over and greet them when they leave, treat them as a normal good human and you will be their favorite person of their life no matter you hire them occasionally.

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