Advantages Of TATA AIG Health Insurance

Recently the company named TATA AIG has introduced a health insurance policy for employees. The product is called TATA AIG health insurance and it is being offered by AIG. AIG, one of the largest financial institutions in India, is a direct investment firm and it has brought a new life into the insurance market.

It is offering a new way to get an insurance policy. AIG has reduced the cost of insurance with the help of new innovative software and other strategies. This is one of the many success stories of this company, which is always ready to explore all the opportunities that can bring in its portfolio.

As the name itself indicates, TATA AIG means Total Insurance Group. So this company is not just involved in the banking and insurance sector but it deals with health care as well. As the world is facing one of the worst recession there is no space for any other financial institution like AIG. The company has closed all the jobs and is concentrating on its core business of insurance. Now it is focusing on its health insurance segment.

This is a revolutionary concept in India as this insurance policy is not provided through banks. This policy is provided through agents who work independently and negotiate with the insurer. They try to convince the insurers to provide the best possible price and benefits for the customers. But a lot of efforts are put in such negotiations as it is a tough job for them.

It takes some time to evaluate a policy and to decide what exactly you want in your policy. There are several aspects that a good agent will study before taking any decision. For instance, how long have the customers been in their plans? Is the customer new or old?

All these factors are taken into consideration while determining the premium and benefits. The company ensures that every client is treated equally and each person gets the right treatment even if they belong to different sections of society. This policy was started in the year 1996 by a renowned leader of the company named Dr. Subir Bandyopad, he was very young then and suffered a heart attack while playing tennis. He started working in the field of Public Health and soon this innovative idea took shape. As he saw the potential of this field he decided to start AIG, the name stands for Advanced Group of Insurance.

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